Licensing DIT Drug Database

All doctors world-wide should be able to practice Precision Medicine and taylor medications specifically to the needs of the individual patient. This task becomes especially a challenge, if time is limited and multimorbide patients with diverse genetic conditions and risk factors such as CKD need polypharmacy with more than 5 drugs per day.

Therefore, as every doctor should be able to select the appropriate drugs and avoid multiple risks also in complex scenarios with only a few mouse clicks, it is the target of DIT mondial to spread out the DIT Drug Database and the MDDI Calculator world-wide.

International and national licensing partners from all countries over the globe are therefore welcome to partner with DIT mondial, in particular health IT companies and vendors developing and marketing EMR, prescription, hospital information or pharmacy systems as well as providers of consumer oriented APPs empowering the patient himself to protect from hazardous drug risks and interactions.

Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with DIT mondial and be part of the Revolution in drug risk analysis towards Precision Medicine.

If you are a research or university organisation please ask for our special DIT research plans.