Company Profile

DIT mondial is the new company with the target to spread out drug information technology worldwide which is already used as DIT Drug Database in the U.S.A. and as SCHOLZ Databank in Germany. This clinical drug risk checking software is a powerful tool for healthcare professionals and patients to manage drug-drug interactions and other drug risks. The recent development has its focus on building on the one hand multilingual webservice infrastructure and on the other hand to support personalized or precision medicine. The essential step towards the latter target was the MDDI technology and Calculator which is based on a model of “multi drug drug interactions”. In this theory important pharmacokinetic parameters such as AUC and dosis and their relative changes may be assessed by the interplay of all properties and interaction mechanisms for all drugs involved. This approach makes sense especially as polypharmacy with patient medications of five and more drugs is widely spread in industrialized countries. The integration of patients clinical data was the second step done. Therefore the MDDI Calculator is able to compute very individual assessments including the impacts through pharmacogenetic status or existing CKD stage. DIT/SCHOLZ Databank supports clinical decision making as well as drug utilization review.

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